Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Motherload........

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Penzy's and Target Posted by Picasa

I'm back!! Did you miss me? I was in Ann Arbor for 2 days visiting friends, eating out and shopping. These are some of the things I got. I left out all the great asian ingredients I bought at the new asian store in Ypsilanti.

I know it seems like I went crazy, but you must understand I never shop here. We have no Trader Joes, no Target, no Bed Bath and Beyond, no Penzey's and no whole foods( well, yes in Toronto, but thats 2hrs away). So, I tend to stock up every couple months. I bought cereal and uncrystalized ginger and nuts and dried fruit. I also got a can of pasturized crab that I want to make either risotto or pasta with. The red bag is indivdually wrapped madalains. ( they werent that great). I need to make some of my own. Hmmm, I also stocked up penzey's and today, I spent the morning getting rid of my old outdated spices. The bread box, well, that was an impulse purchase, but hey, it was on clearance.

Stay tuned for tonights dinner. A slightly modified mango chutney chicken from Cooking Light. I actually have everything in the house. I dont have to go out, yeah!!


Blogger tanvi said...

mmm I love that Flax Plus cereal and cystallized ginger from TJ's- enjoy!

8:02 PM, September 21, 2005

Blogger Joe said...

Woo! Quite the haul you got there - sounds like a lot of fun shopping at my favorite places!

8:18 PM, September 21, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I make special trips to Columbus, Ohio, at least four times a year to shop at Penzeys and Trader Joes. I love both places!! Your breadbox is so cute! Sounds like you had fun shopping.

8:03 AM, September 22, 2005


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