Thursday, September 15, 2005

Here fishy fishy......

Simple baked fish Posted by Picasa

With our new way of eating( weight watchers), comes the need for menu planning. I have to plan our dinners in advance so I know how many points we can eat thru the day. Yesterday, when I was at the store getting a few things for our dinner, I saw some really nice fish that was on sale. I decided to use a simple preparation that was served to us at the Egullet Heartland Gathering that was held in Ann Arbor in July. I took a nice filet of fish( lake trout for Robin, white fish for me) and added some sliced mushroom, 1/2 tbls of butter each, white wine and fresh herbs. Lemon juice and sliced topped it off. I seasoned with salt and lots of freshly ground pepper. I wrapped each piece in heavy duty foil and baked at 400 for about 20 min. I also made Cooking Light's squash rice casserole. We still have a lot of zucchini growing, so I took advantage of that. I've made this casserole many times before, always subbing brown rice for the white. This time I used a little cottage cheese( in place of all the sour cream) Yummy, the perfect light end of summer meal.

Plated fish and squash rice casserole Posted by Picasa

Stay tuned for dessert. Its a sugar high friday special.


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