Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fish Taco Salad......

I don't want this to turn into a South Beach Diet blog because there are already wonderful examples out there. However, since Robin is chugging along on phase 1 ( and she's already lost 6lbs), I've been cooking all the meals South Beach style. I'm pretty proud of this meal and my ability to South Beach it for Robbie. I had a craving for Fish Tacos. Fish Tacos are one of the foods I miss the most from S. Cal. I usually always have corn tortillas in the freezer( I buy them in MI) and a couple weeks ago I scored on Tilapia. Our grocery store had fresh tilapia for 2.99lb. I promptly asked the gal behind the fish counter a million questions. How fresh is it? When did it come in? Please let me smell it. She held a piece over the counter and I took a big whiff. No fishy smell which is a good thing. I asked her to wrap me up 4lbs in separate vac packaging. I pulled out a package this morning to defrost.

I dusted it with smoked paprika, cumin, sea salt and chili powder. I added a touch of flour to mine. I pan sauteed them in EVOO and finished with a bit of white wine. I made an avocado cream with sour cream, half a mashed avocado, frozen cubes of cilantro, red wine vinegar, meyer lemon juice, salt and mayo. I laid Robin's fish on a bed of romaine, coleslaw mix, radishes, and cukes. I dressed her greens lightly with taco sauce and ranch. The creama went on top of the fish. I had my fish wrapped in pan toasted corn tortillas, yummy!!

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Blogger Cyndi said...

What a great idea! I like fish tacos, too. I'm trying to rededicate myself to carb lite, and this looks really good.

9:43 PM, January 14, 2007

Blogger wheresmymind said...

That so would last all of 5 minutes in front of Steph!

6:22 PM, January 15, 2007

Blogger Freya said...

Looks delicious and you could forget that it's part of a diet too which is the most important thing! Your Angels are adorable by the way! I have two dogs but they don't spoon (one is a Greyhound and the other a Jack Russell). They do eat cake though.

5:27 AM, January 16, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks so delicious, what about it's taste!

7:00 AM, June 08, 2007


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