Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tater Tot Hot Dish........

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Here is my second kid friendly dish of the day. Im actually quite proud of this one. The original recipe came from my ex's mother. She used to make it with ground beef and corn and velvetta. It was loaded with fat and it was rather bland. I entered this recipe in a contest in neighboring town's turkey factory store and I won first place.

First, you brown off 2lbs of ground turkey. Because I only like 100% breast meat, one half contains that kind, the other half contains dark turkey. Next, you sautee some onions and mushrooms. Put that on top of turkey. Then, take some ketchup and mustard and squirt it up and down the casserole. Also, use some seasonings of your choice. Next, cover the top with mixed veggies. I used green giant frozen. First defrost them and over that layer, cover with some shreeded cheese. I used Kroger casserole blend. Cover the whole thing with tater tots. Now, mix two cans of soup. I prefer half fat mushroom and celery, or half fat mushroom with chicken gumbo( this was the original soup in the original recipe). Spread that over the top and bake at 350 for about 35 min. I used two cream soups and they didnt melt that well. Normally, you cant see the soups as they melt into the tots and casserole.

One again, Chels loved it and I can send some home with her. Id rather her eat this than Kraft Dinner( Mac and Cheese in the states).


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