Friday, January 06, 2006

Greek Turkey Burgers and fries

chelsea helping out Posted by Picasa

greek burgers and fries Posted by Picasa

I took this recipe from Sweetnicks blog. I read it quickly this morning and then I didnt have the heart to kick Chelsea off the computer to print off the recipe, so I made it from memory. Yes, my neice Chelsea came back to use today after being away at her grandmas for a few days. I was showing her my friend Danielle's blog, specifically pictures of Danielle's daughter Dylan who helps her mom prepare dinner. Well, didnt Chelsea surprise me when she asked if she could help me. I let her mix up the ground turkey mixture and season up the fries. She was quite proud of herself. The burgers were good. I used a combination of white and dark turkey, frozen chopped spinach, red onion and a seasoning blend. ( I used some montreal chicken and some Penzey's greek seasoning). I also added some crumbled sheep's milk feta. I grilled them on the le crueset grill pan and served them with steak fries( frozen) that I spiced up with some greek spice. We had tzaiki on the side.


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