Sunday, January 01, 2006

Egullet strikes again.....

nutty caramel corn Posted by Picasa

I love Egullet, the premiere culinary site on the web. I joined back in January 05 and in May I entered the foodblogging world. I kept a foodblog over there for 1 week and that experience is what gave me the impetus to start a full-time foodblog. I also met Christine thru egullet and I recently was the recipient of a free cookbook( A New Way to Cook, Sally Schneider) from one of the many threads on egullet. I wanted to send something to the person who sent me the cookbook and I so I thought about what to send and decided on the Food and Drink Magazine from the LCBO. LCBO stands for the liquor control board of Ontario. This is where all liqour is sold in the Province of Ontario( the stores are gov't owned). When I first moved here, it was strange not to be able to get wine or beer in the grocery store( I dont drink at all, but I still buy booze for cooking or parties). Anyway, the LCBO puts out a great magazine that they give for free. Very good marketing because a lot of recipes use products you can only find at the LCBO. I was perusing the holiday issue last night and came across this caramel corn. Robin popped up some white corn and we used some of the giant cashews we bought after xmas. We used peanuts and almonds too, although the recipe calls for pecans and macadamia nuts( sorry, just not in my budget). This is not your typical caramel corn as it contains fresh ginger. Ginger is very very easy to grate if you freeze it first. The ginger in this recipe really gives the corn a nice zing. Email me if you're interested in the recipe.


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