Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ricotta sausage and spinach calzones


robin rolling it out


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I found this recipe over at Danielle's new blog. We met Danielle at the Egullet food gathering back in July. The recipe comes courtesy of FoodMan on egullet.

Since moving to Canada, its hard to find a calzone( aka panzerotti) with ricotta, They just don't make them that way. However, that is the way I grew up eating calzones and that is what I crave when I crave calzone. We have access to wonderful turkey sausage so I knew that is what I'd use. I made the dough the day before and refridgerated it as recommended. I used the foodprocessor and the dough came together beautifully. I used the dough blade and I know that I'll never make pizza dough in the KA again. I had some trouble rolling out the dough because of my arthritis so thats where Robin came in. The first dough ball she rolled was very thin, I thought it might be too thin so I told her to make it a little thicker. Well, it turns out she was RIGHT( you wont hear that too much) because the thinner calzone was much better. The filling was wonderful( even though I didnt have really good crumbly ricotta. I used Meijer brand as we made a trip to MI last week and its a lot cheaper there than here) and fresh spinach. I also used 5 cloves of roasted garlic instead of the fresh garlic the recipe calls for. My only regret( besides making them thinner) is I used some storebought marinara to serve on the side and it was horrible. I should have made my own. I'll try this recipe again, subbing whole wheat flour for part of the breadflour.


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