Wednesday, July 26, 2006

vegan choc. chip cookies...

I made these vegan choc. chip cookies yesterday. It took me a long time to find the recipe online. I had it saved as a link, but the link dissapeared. Then I saw a post on the cooking light board's from Anna and ta da, there it was. This recipe comes from Vive la Vegan, a foodblogger in BC. Dreena has written a bunch of vegan cookbooks. Anyway, I left out the nuts and used some hazelnut oil in place of some of the canola oil. My chips werent vegan so really the cookies wasnt totally vegan, but close enough. I can see where a vegan would really enjoy them though, they taste very similar to dairy choc. chip cookies. But, I prefer chewy cookies and these were very crisp. I did like the subtle maple flavor because I used a grade C( Canadaian grade 3) syrup.


Blogger wheresmymind said...

Those look pretty dang should rename this post "Mostly Vegan Chip Cookies"!

6:15 AM, July 27, 2006

Blogger Glass City Gourmet said...

Great looking cookies...considering the recipe! I'm all for BUTTER...nothing ever really tastes the same.

Warm regards,
Glass City Gourmet

4:55 AM, August 05, 2006

Blogger Nic said...

I agree that this is a good recipe. Hazelnut oil sounds like a good sub. I've done them using macnut oil and white chocolate chips, as well as the original. Huge hits, with vegans and non vegans alike.

8:09 PM, August 07, 2006

Blogger Cookie Madness said...

I'm glad you tried them, R.

When I make them, I use the larger sized Ghirardelli chips and I tend to use a lot of them. So sometimes my cookies are more like chips held together with dough. I think my initial enthusiasm was motivated by the sheer surprise that these simple ingredients could result in such a good cookie. I wouldn't choose this cookie as my absolute favorite chocolate chip, but sometimes I crave its particular texture and simplicity.

8:22 PM, August 09, 2006


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