Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cleaning out the freezer.....

A lot of bloggers are cleaning out their freezers. We sorely need to clean ours out too, as we have a chest freezer in the basement and a thick ring of ice has formed inside. We didnt realize that we bought a frosting freezer. So, my goal for the next month is to use up what we have and get rid of my large stock of pantry items. Doesn't help that I'm going to Ann Arbor on the 11th for a couple of days. Trader Joe's and Whole Food's call my name. I will be getting a case of San Marzano tomatoes because once you have those, domestic canned tomatoes just dont cut it. Anyway, I digress.....

Tonight I made a low-fat fettucini alfredo using some frozen shrimp, frozen crab ( Trader Joe's) and my last two frozen pesto cubes. I also used fat free half and half and only 1tsp of butter. I was impressed by the half and half as this was my first time using it. (I wish they sold it in Ontario). I used fresh fettucini as I prefer that to dried when making alfredo.

Robin requested orgasm bread. Yes, its that good!! The official name is stuffed artichoke bread. I tried to cut the fat down in that too by severly reducing the butter, and cheese. It was still very very good.


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