Saturday, August 06, 2005

Grilled Seafood Salad

Grilled Seafood Salad Posted by Picasa

You really have to try this recipe. Its fresh, light and easy. This recipe comes from Giada De Laurentis's show Everyday Italian. I've watched Giada make this numerous times and each time I though oh, gosh, I really need to make this. I had almost all the ingredients except the arugula. I sent Robin to the store this morning for some Mache( pronounced Mosh). Mache is also known as lamb's lettuce and I was thrilled to see it at Hansen's. Robin ended up getting the mix of mache, radichio and frise. I had a mini-meltdown because I cant stand those two greens, but they worked out nice in the salad.

The first thing you do is make a garlic/herb infused Olive oil. Chop up a few garlic cloves, and heat with 1/2 cup EVOO. Add some chopped herbs, salt and pepper and 1/4 cup lemon juice. Part of this is tossed with scallops and squid. I used shrimp and squid instead. This seafood is grilled( I used a stovetop grill) and then the rest of the dressing is tossed with the mache( giada calls for arugula), carrots and white kidney beans. Its then supposed to be served in raddicio cups.

I didnt care for the squid, but I loved the shrimp. I'll definatly make this again.


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