Monday, August 01, 2005

The Curling Ham..........

Ham, green chili and mushroom filling  Posted by Picasa

Filled quesadilla Posted by Picasa

There have been a lot of new words added to my vocabulary since I've moved to Canada. Bonspiel was one of them. I never heard of that until last year when Robin joined the curling team in Exeter. I was surprised when she came home from her last Bonspiel of the season with half a Schneider's ham. Now, being the Jewish girl that I am, I dont really care for ham that much. I can take it in very small doses, usually mixed with other ingredients, but I dont like it alone.

So, that leads us from last night when this half ham was the nuisance that refused to let the freezer door close.

Clearly, it was time to defrost it and do something with it.

Enter 3 recipes from Cooking Light. I went to the website typed in HAM and no less than 167 recipes came up.

I chose 3. The above green chili, mushroom and ham quesadilla's, a rotini pasta with brocoli and ham and a potato, spinach and ham gratin. The last item will be dinner tonight( although at this point,after dealing with this ham all afternoon, Im a tad sick of it)

I rarely follow a recipe when it comes to Cooking Light. I usually add a few more spices or a bit more of this or that. For instance, this recipe called for 1 package of mushrooms and 2tbls of green chili. I used 2 packages of mushrooms, the whole entire small can of green chili's( mild, bought in Port Huron at Kroger) and I added some cumin and garlic. I also used some brie that I had from Trader Joe's and the rest of the smoked Gouda. I used 5 whole wheat wraps, assembled them and froze them. These will be nice with a salad.


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