Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Corn and Zucchini Chowder

corn zucchini chowder Posted by Picasa

I normally dont eat soup in the summer, however I make exception to corn chowders. I love fresh corn and the season is all too short here. ( It did start early this year though).

I read thru a few recipes and decided to just wing it. I knew that I had to boil the shucked corn cobs in order to extract the most flavor. I used 6 ears of corn and some scraps of onion and celery I had frozen. I threw in some fresh thyme, salt and pepper. I boiled that up and strained. I then sweated 2 shallots in some olive oil, along with some salt. I added 1 chopped up zucchini and 2 red potatoes. In went the corn and the broth. I simmered until the spuds were tender, then puree'd the mix in the blender. I left a few potato pieces a bit chunky. I finished this off with half a cup of cream and some shredded cheddar. Its very light and flavorful.


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