Monday, April 17, 2006

A meal not cooked by me..

This was the first holiday I was too sick to cook a meal, thus I didnt cook. I went to Ann Arbor last week and on my way home, I picked up a spiral sliced ham. My MIL never had one before so she was excited to try it. I'm not a big ham person so it didnt matter to me either way. She made some scallop pototoes too. This was a simple meal and normally I'd care, but I was just too sick( with some weird virus) to care.

Tonight is our community kitchen meeting. I think we'll be cooking on Thursday night as Wednesday night( scheduled cook night) is our town's famous rummage sale. Last year I scored an Italian Food Mill( brand new) for 25 cents.

I'm making calzones again for Wednesday night( we always have ppl over for dinner after the rummage sale) and I need to find a dessert. Anyone have any suggestions?


Blogger Sara said...

i made a fast dessert over the easter weekend - it has a fancy italian name, but i can't think of it right now - put a couple of scoops of good vanilla ice cream in a bowl, pour over a shot of espresso, and grate some good quality chocolate on top. it was fantastic!

1:03 PM, April 18, 2006


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