Sunday, February 26, 2006

The $5.88 pork roast

We were supposed to have friends over for dinner last night, but it didnt happen because Robin woke up feeling kinda crummy. I was going to freeze this pork roast, but I said " what the hey" and made it anyway. I've had much leaner pork roasts( it was slighly fatty), but the flavor was still good. I threw some rosemary and garlic on it, along with salt and pepper and inserted my portable thermometer. If you dont have one of those, I highly reccomend it. Mine has a Pork setting and it will beep when it comes to optimum temperature. I removed it at 150 though and tented it with foil. I poured some fig/balsamic sauce over the top and made a pan sauce with the juices, and some grainy mustard.

I also made a cauliflower gratin( recipe from This was a basic bechamel sauce with some cheddar cheese. I used 2 percent milk instead of the whole milk that the recipe called for. I also left out the horseradish. The topping was crushed saltines, but next time I'd use a whole wheat cracker or some panko.

The friends were supposed to bring dessert so I didnt bake anything( hard for me to do, but I restrained myself).


Blogger The Cookbook Junkie said...

That roast looks great. I like to make a paste of garlic, rosemary, lemon (zest and a bit of juice), oil and pepper and rub it all over the pork and let that set for a few hours or overnight. That adds a lot of great flavor to the meat.

6:17 AM, February 27, 2006

Blogger Patti said...

Looks good!

I really like the new format. I have been busy lately and this is the first time I have checked in. LOOKING GOOD!

5:56 PM, February 27, 2006

Blogger Cyndi said...

I just "copied" a recipe that Joe (Culinary in the Desert" posted for creamed cauliflower--very similar to what you did. Yours looks very good, too. I have to cook it more often--it's a great potato substitute, and when it's cooked like this it's comfort food.

8:36 PM, February 27, 2006


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