Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More personal cheffing......

When it rains it pours eh? Today before I left work, I told R( the attorney Im assiting) that I could work for him on Sunday. I offered to clean up some files so the new person starting wouldnt come in to a big mess. Today I had so much work piled on top of me, that I cant imagine the new girl sitting down at the desk and diving head first. I remember my first few days I had a major headache. Anyway, he told me he would think about that. I think either Tuesday or Wednesday is my last day. So, when I get home, Robin tells me I got another PC job. I've cooked for them 3 times before. Its nice, because I can cook at home on my time. She called me tonight and ordered Chicken Biryani w/yogurt sauce, Braised chicken w/swiss chard and balsamic vinegar w/ polenta, a curried cous cous salad, a zucchini bread and a fish dish. I have to figure out the fish dish. This is all staggared cooking so thats good. She wants the second dish for Monday, but I'll have to cook it Sunday night. I have to search for my recipes. The chicken biryani is complicted with lots of spices( 10 pods of cardoman). I'll have to do some shopping at the bulk store on Saturday when Christine and I go to Port Huron.

Oy, its going to be a tiring week.


Blogger Stephanie said...

Randi...hello there!

Thanks so much for coming by my blog, and for the fried chicken reference. I'm afraid I don't spend time on egullet the way other foodies do; I know I should visit there at least occasionally.

The chicken biryani sounds good; my husband and I have made it a couple of times.

Of course, we're still trying to perfect out at-home Indian cooking; an Indian food blogger recommended an increase in cream and ghee to match that restaurant taste. Which is perfectly alright with us!

Much luck to you on the PC front; if/when I ever go back to work (now playing the role of stay-at-home mom), I like to think I'd get into some sort of foodie work. And my Mom just completed training as a chef, and just started pastry chef training this week. Must run in the family!

Again, thanks for the reference. And a happy belated 2-year anniversary!

8:17 AM, August 30, 2005


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