Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Grilled Salmon Salad.....

I was checking out the foodblog's yesterday and came across this entry in Stephanie's blog. She didn't post the recipe but I though " no biggie", I can find it on the web. Wrong, I couldnt find it. I searched and searched to no avail. I decided to wing it and Robin said it was delicious. I wouldn't know, because I HATE SALMON!!. I feel so bad that I hardly ever cook salmon for Robin. She loves it, she even loves the canned salmon( that reminds me of cat food). Anyway, I knew it was on sale this week so I decided to make it for her.

I think the recipe was devised to use up leftover grilled salmon, but I was too lazy and tired( I just came from picking 3 quarts of strawberries) to go outside and fire up the grill for 1 fillet. So, I used my le cruset grill pan and to minimize cleanup for my wife, I threw a piece of the reynold's non-stick foil on top of the pan. I didn't get the fabulous grill marks I love, but it didn't matter because the salmon is cooled and flaked. I mixed it with a healthy portion of chopped dill, celery, and some red onions that I also grilled.( you could use them raw, but sometimes onion doesn't agree with Robin). Robin also hates capers so I left those out. I mixed it all up with some raspberry vinegar, EVOO, salt and pepper. I threw together a salad to go with it. My Mother-in-law's "gentleman friend" gave us a huge bag of home-grown lettuce. I ate the salad and some black bean lasagna ( cooking light) that we had frozen from last month's community kitchen.


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