Sunday, May 07, 2006

Better late than never......

For some odd reason, I didnt have my traditional matza brei breakfast this year. Growing up, my mom ALWAYS made us this during passover. I wasnt that hungry earlier but as I was looking thru food blogs, I felt slightly hungry( oh the pwoer of suggestion) I had some leftover matza so I decided to whip this up. I prefer sweet matza brei to savory and I always make it like my mom did. First, I broke up a couple of boards of matza. I poured over some hot water, then drained that off. Then I add 1 beaten egg and fry it up in about 2tsp of butter. I served with some macerated strawberries and sugar-free syrup. I offered Robin a bite( sans strawberries because she's allergic) and as predicted, she didnt like it.

Oh well, more for me.


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