Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cinco de Mayo.....

Cinco de Mayo is also knows as Mexican Independance day. Even though I'm not in California anymore, I still like to make some type of Mexican food to celebrate. Mexican food is probably the least popular ethnic food in Ontario though so its really not a big deal here. Robin loves, loves, loves burritos though. I introduced her to Chipoltle in California and Qdoba in Michigan and of course my homeade burritos. I prefer to make my black beans from scratch rather than using canned beans. I soak them overnight, drain the next day and add 2 whole jalapeno;s, a chopped onion and a maggie chicken boullion cube.

I made arroz verde( green rice) using the recipe from Fine Cooking. Spinach and cilantro are purried with milk and chicken stock, this is added to toasted rice, onion and garlic. I added a roasted poblano too( for a little bite).

I brined and grilled bone-in chicken breasts and put the whole thing together on a flax seed tortilla with salsa verde, cheese and light sour cream.

muy delicioso!!


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