Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sugar High Friday #17

Welcome to Sugar High Friday. This month's edition is hosted by lick the spoon. This month's theme is liquor.

Since I travel back and forth from the US to Canada, I'm afforded the opportunity to visit the Duty Free Shops. I've taken advantage of that by buying all the liquors you'd need for cooking( well, except framboise).

So, I looked at my stash and had to choose between kahlua, frangelico and Bailey's. I chose franjelico because I absolutly love hazelnuts.

I searched the Cooking Light website and picked this. Hazelnut Raisin Poundcake. When I saw that the recipe had no reviews, I thought" Hmmm, maybe I should pick another one". Obviously, I didnt.

I cut a big slice for my neighbors tonight and I snuck a taste. It was just ok. I'll let it sit till tomorrow and see if I change my mind.


Blogger Christine said...

Looks good to me! Did you change your mind? Was it better the next day?

1:34 PM, April 24, 2006


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