Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mile High Biscuits( Cook's Illustrated)

This is my go to bisquit recipe. It's a little bit fiddly in technique, as are most CI recipes, but they are just so light and fluffy. The original recipe calls for all purpose flour, but I pull out half a cup and sub out some whole wheat flour. This provides an added nuttiness. The recipe is *supposed* to make 12 biscuits, as you can see, I made mine a bit bigger.

I had a catering job this morning and I made a big platter of sub sandwiches and a veggie tray. I also did a black magic cake. We're heading out to my MIL's town tonight( if we make it thru the snow storm) and tomorrow we have a superbowl party to attend.

I'm bringing the camera to take pictures of all the food.


Blogger Some person said...

Mmmmmm Biscuits!

9:06 AM, February 05, 2006


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