Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friday Thanksgiving.....

Or, better late than never. Thursday was Thanksgiving, but not here in Canada. I always celebrate Thanksgiving though because you can take the girl out of American, but you can't take the American out of the girl. Thursday was jam packed and I had to work in the evening so no turkey on Thursday. I made it Friday instead and Robin and I had a nice quiet dinner at home.

My oven is seriously whacked. I cooked a 14lb turkey in 2.5hrs at 325. The oven needs serious calibration. The pop up thermometer popped and who knows, it could have popped at 2 hrs. The turkey was slightly dry.

I also made some boursin mashed spuds, and baby roasted spuds for Robin. I made the ubiquitous green bean bake as well. I made a corn bread/wheat bread apple mushroom dressing that I put in the crockpot at 1pm. That freed up oven space and kept the dressing nice and moist. I had a cornbread in the freezer from July. It was originally destined for a grilled cornbread/arugula salad as we were having guests, but I had some weird gallbladder attack and ended up in the ER. The cornbread has been sitting in the freezer since then. I just chunked it up and toasted it with half a loaf of wheatbread( in hindsight, it was too cornbready). Butter, onions, mushrooms and grannysmith apples followed suit. I made a really rich wild mushroom broth in the morning( I got 3lbs of shiitakies for 99 cents) and that moistened the stuffing. I used some broth for the gravy too. Way back in July, I also blanched some sweet Ontario corn and I froze that. I pan sauteed it with some thyme and added a splash of half and half for my very own version of creamed corn.

I made a regular old pumpkin pie for dessert but I was too full to eat dessert.

No cooking today, plenty of leftovers.

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Blogger Christine said...

And you didn't invite ME!?!

No fair!

8:40 AM, November 25, 2006

Blogger wheresmymind said...

Yay for USA turkay day :D

6:09 AM, November 27, 2006

Blogger The Cookbook Junkie said...

I've eaten two Thanksgiving dinners since Thursday and a couple of turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce sandwiches. You would think I would be sick of turkey at this point yet this post has me craving it all over again!

7:09 AM, November 27, 2006


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