Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Second Client

Well, as if I wasnt busy enough last week, I actually took on another "job" for the weekend. Robin took my menu to one of her work associates and when it was all said and done, an appt was booked for us on Friday night.

The Client ordered dinner for two on Saturday, Dinner for 4 on Sunday and Dinner for 8 on Monday. This was a deviation from the menu plans that I offer. No worries, I worked out the figures in my head and came up with a reasonable fee.

I basically spent the weekend cooking with a break for a nap on Sunday and a dinner out on Sunday night.

Sorry No Pictures, I was too rammy, trying to get the food finished, packed up and delivered.

Saturday nights dinner was:
Seared salmon with a lemon butter rosemary sauce( Fine Cooking)
Curried CousCous salad( Barefoot Contessa)
Sear/braised carrots and green beans( Fine Cooking)

We ate the same thing, although I had whitefish because I dont care for Salmon.

Sunday's dinner.
Meatloaf 101( Martha Stewart Living)
American Potato salad( Cook's Illustrated)

Monday's dinner
Chicken with sherry vinegar sauce( a new way to cook, sally schneider)
Saffron Orzo Pilaf( my recipe)

I also baked a zucchini bread as a bonus. I tripled the chicken with sherry vinegar recipe and we had that for dinner tonight. Robin whipped up some mashed spuds while I was at work. She's becoming a good little sous chef.


Blogger Some person said...

Yay second client! Soon you will have no life, Just Like ME!

6:33 PM, July 26, 2005


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