Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ina Garten's Turkey Lasagna Posted by Picasa

Saturday was clean out the fridge day. I really hate this task as I usually go too long between cleanings, but oh how I love the fridge when the task is complete. Wife and I sat on the kitchen floor with the boys, a big ass garbage bag and a bucket of water by our side. Wife: " ok, whats this". Me: I have no freaking clue. Out it goes. We did find a container of ricotta, a small bag of frozen basil from last year, half a bag of frozen spinach, a package of turkey sausage and a lot of various cheeses. I rummaged thru the pantry and found 4 no boil noodles, 2 whole wheat noodles and 3 regular noodles. I'd just read the Barefoot Contessa's cookbook the previous night so the turkey lasagna was fresh in my mind.

I went to the store for a few portabella's and some goat cheese. I used the new splendido italian tomatoes and a small can of paste. Ina's recipe calls for ending the lasanga with the ricotta mixture and the sauce. I've always ended with noodles and then sauce. Nevertheless, after cooling for a good 20 minutes( the key to a good lasagna that doesnt run all over) we ate that along with a salad. Yummy, the lasagna had a nice meld of flavors and wasnt too heavy.

All in all a success!!

PS: I forgot to take the pic until wife had a few bites. Sorry about that.


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