Saturday, July 09, 2005


Chicken noodle bake

These are the dishes we made last night. Both from cooking light. I was pleased with the manicotti. I had made the marinara sauce earlier in the day using lots of fresh garlic, 2 cans of italian tomatoes and some dried herbs, salt and pepper. The filling consisted of some light cream cheese, herb and garlic cream cheese, ricotta, parmesean and spinach. Christine manned the pastry bag and I held the noodles. Between the vision of what the filling looked like going into the noodles and the sounds the bag was making, I was ready to fall out of my chair. LOL.

The chicken noodle bake didnt have such great reviews on the Cookinglight site, but I thought maybe I could dress it up a bit. The recipe called for 6 noodles, but I had bought 9 whole wheat noodles. We soaked them in hot water for about 20 min while we assembled the filling. The filling was cottage cheese, light sour cream, light mayo( I subbed light products for the non-fat ones because I found non-fat products vile) and light cream cheese. I added some shredded italian cheese blend and a bag of broccoli(frozen). We then made a veloute sauce and layered all this, along with chicken breast that I baked on Friday afternoon. We topped it with bread crumbs that Christine made and some fresh parsley. Both of us decided to freeze these for future meals. I'll let you know the verdict when we eat them.

We also made the texas chili with poblano's and beer. Picture to come.


Blogger Some person said...

I had a lot of fun cooking with you. And yes the Piping was a hoot! I plan to have the manicotti for dinner this week. It smelled really good!

9:03 PM, July 09, 2005


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