Saturday, January 01, 2011

A New Year, a New Foodblog!!

Wow,its hard to believe that I havent blogged in over a year and a half. My last blog post was tragic and everytime I came back to my blog( to read other blogs), I was sad. However, I had a rough year( 2010) with a lot of changes and I couldnt bring myself to blog. I am no longer living in small town Ontario, Canada and I'm no longer with Robin. Robin is a wonderful person and I wish her all the happiness in the world. Our breakup wasnt exactly friendly. I didnt want to work on the marriage( we're still legally married in Canada, although we are now legally separated) anymore. Robin did. I was taking my dogs( that moved to Canada with me and lived there longer than they lived in California) and moving back to SoCal. I was leaving our beautiful house(that we renovated together) and the life we made. I'm going to be completely honest here. I met someone else. Actually, I remet someone that I was with in 1993 and in 2000( the timing was never right for us and I always put my feelings for her on the backburner). Isnt Facebook wonderful? LOL. The last thing I want to say on this is that Robin's story is " Randi left me for another woman" and she can have her story. Obviously, its not that simple. Robin and I had problems for years prior to me finding Julie again. There are 3 sides to every story. Yours, Hers and the truth. Maybe one day when Robin is over the hurt and anger, she can see the truth. I know this is a public blog and she might read it. Frankly, that is another reason I resisted blogging. However, I've since found out( thru very devious means) that Robin is in a new relationship and has been for awhile. In fact, Robin and her married( to another woman) girlfriend were together 3 weeks after I left Canada. If that is what is going to make Robin happy, than so be it.

So, there is my backstory. Here is my present and future. I'm back in Socal living with my girlfriend Julie. As I said, I met Julie in 1993 when I was 26. We were together for a summer but for many reasons that I dont want to get into, we didnt end up together. I wanted to be with her, but I couldnt. Flash forward to 2000 and we meet up again. Same story, just 7 years later. When I found her again on Facebook in the summer of 2009, I never expected anything to happen. I just wanted to find out how she was doing. She is a police officer and I've always thought about her and worried about her if I heard a news story about the LAPD. We didnt speak until October 2009 and then she went to Iraq for 5 months and here we are 1.5 later. I moved back to California in July 2010. I'm incredibly happy and I LOVE being back in California. Unfortunatly, I've eaten out way too much since moving back and I gained back 20lbs( of the 40) I lost in 2009. I decided I needed to take control back in the New Year and cook more at home and only eat out as a treat. Yesterday, we joined Weight Watchers and I'm excited about the new program ( all fruits are zero points!!). We spent the day in WLA/Santa Monica too. We had pizza for lunch and I bought some wonderful seafood for dinner. Unlike myself and Robin, Julie does eat beef so as much as I hate buying red meat, I do. I made myself 4 large shrimp as a shrimp cocktail and I grilled some swordfish chunks that I turned into fish tacos. Julie had steak and a sourdough roll( she loves bread) and salad. Since Julie had to work on New Years Day, we just had a quiet night at home with our four dogs( Julie had 2 before I moved in) and a movie.

Today is the Gym and turkey tacos for dinner.

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