Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gregory Michael MacDonald 1968-2009

On May 3rd, 2009, Robin's brother passed away suddenly. It was and still is a total shock to us. We were supposed to leave for Florida, the day after we received the news. We cancelled the trip and instead dealt with funeral arrangments along with my Mother in Law. It still seems so surreal. I did the one thing I do best which is cook/bake. I spent the entire week( we found out on Monday and the visitation was on Friday) planning meals, baking and serving. It actually made me feel useful and brought me a sense of peace. Greg really loved my cooking and he was a hearty eater. I did NOT take any pictures, It honestly never even entered my mind.

We're heading to Floriday on Tuesday as I really feel Robin needs a change of scenery and some relaxation. Robin had just started her 2 week vacation when we found out and thankfully, her employer gave her some more time off to get herself together.

I'm taking an extended break from this blog, dont know when I'll return.