Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I miss baking!!

I really miss baking and I really miss blogging. I swear though, my food is so boring these days. Ya see that chicken breast and spinach? Thats about the extent of my cooking. The chicken was from cooking light( chicken provencal), but I really thought it was uninspiring to blog about. The most exciting baked good I made was 2invididual almost flourless choc. cakes( Nigella recipe) for Robin and I a few weeks ago. I'd read that the Dollarama in Ontario is carrying Sharffenberger Choc. bars for 1.00 each( 85G) so I stocked up on a bunch and made these little desserts. They were heavenly, but somewhat high in points( 8). I need to figure out a way to cut those down.

I just know that if I bake, I want to eat it so I've pretty much stopped baking ( unless I get paid for it). I am going to Cali in 2 weeks so I'll try to do some restaurant posts when I get back. I might do some cooking at my dad's house so look forward to that too.