Friday, May 11, 2012

Crockpot cheesecake.....

If you hadn't heard, I moved from dark and dreary Exeter, Ontario Canada to very sunny Santa Clarita, CA. It gets really hot here so finding things to make that dont involve turning on the oven is a priority. I decided to whip up these cute single serve cheesecakes because Julie loves cheesecake and I bought some wonderful blackberries for .88 a pint. This is a very simple recipe. I used 8oz jars, but next time I might use 4oz jars or break out another crockpot and made 10 instead of 5. When I made these, I added melted butter to the graham crumbs but as I watched Julie eat this, I saw that it was hard to remove the crust. Next time, I wont add any butter. You can do whatever you'd like.
Recipe Crust 10 graham crackers, pulverize in blender 2tbls brown sugar option, 1 stick melted butter filling 2 bars cream cheese( at room temp) 2 eggs( room temp) 3/4 c. sugar 2tsp vanilla( I used vanilla paste) 1tbls flour pinch salt Mix all ingredients in blender or stand mixer. Put some crust mixture in bottom of canning jar, pour in filling. Put jars in crockpot and surround with hot water( careful not to splash water into jars). Cover crockpot and cook on high 2-3 hrs. Filling will puff up, but will fall when the jars cool. Refridgerate overnight before serving. Serve with your favorite topping, fruit or sauce.