Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chicken Sausage Manicoti( cuisine@home). and NYC!!...

Oct 13th was Canadian Thanksgiving. Because I cooked a big turkey dinner for the Seniors the previous Thursday, I went a little untraditional with the meal.

The dessert was the Black Forest Cake I'd previously blogged about. The main dish was this wonderful chicken and sausage manicotti. The recipe uses those Barilla no boil noodles. You do boil them though and they act like fresh pasta. You roll those around the flavorful filling of diced chicken breast, sausage, red pepper, mushrooms, garlic and ricotta cheese. The whole thing gets covered in a bechamel sauce. My MIL has a red sauce aversion( she gets an upset stomach) so I looked for a recipe using a white sauce. Robin and I both love my marinara sauce( using San Marzano tomatoes) so the next day we covered ours with the red sauce and it was spectacular!!

Speaking of Red Sauce, we're off to NYC on Monday. Before NYC, we'll be spending the night in Lewiston at my friend Stephanie's house. I see some Buffalo wings in Robin's future( not mine, I abHOR chicken wings).

There wont be any high end dining on this trip to NYC. I planned a self-led walking tour of the Lower East Side( where my grandparents grew up and grampa worked). The LES is home to most of the great Jewish culinary treasures such as Katz's, Yonna Shimels, Russ and Daughter's etc. We'll be eating our way thru these shops on this tour!!

I also have a self-led walking tour of the Upper West Side where thanks to Anna, we'll be visting some bakeries and other shops. We'll also be taking a GreyLine 2 day hop on, hop off tour where we hope to eat many a Slice and find some fabulous Red Sauce Italian restaurants.

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Blogger Patsyk said...

The manicotti looks wonderful - add some red sauce for me, too! :)

Have fun in NYC! It's one of my favorite places, and yet I don't get into the city as often as I like (it's about 45 minutes from my home in NJ). Can't wait to hear about your walking tours and food adventures!

9:40 AM, October 23, 2008

Blogger Joy Bugaloo said...

Can we please have the recipe for the manicotti??

As an aside, you say you hate wings, but what about those coal-fired wings from that one restaurant? Don't you like those?

Think of me when you're eating a Levain cookie! --Gina

1:31 PM, October 23, 2008

Blogger The Cookbook Junkie said...

Have fun! I haven't been to NYC since I was pregnant with my first son. I used to go once or twice a year but that was before I learned about all these great places to eat there from reading blogs. I can't wait until my boys are older and we can spend a few days there.

6:05 AM, October 24, 2008


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