Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oven Baked Risotto( Everyday food)...

If you want perfect risotto everytime, try this method. I've been making risotto this way for awhile and while its not as rich and creamy as the long time stirred method, its still very good. You start by sauteing shallots and arborio in some evoo, deglaze with white wine, add some stock and water and bake for 25 minutes. Then, you stir in another half cup stock, and finish with butter and parmesean.

I also bought some super jumbo scallops. I got 8 for $13.00 and change. I seared them off, but they werent cooking thru so I added some wine and stock and chopped asparagus and let them steam.

Simple and delicious.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those scallops look awesome! I haven't done a risotto in a while ... although your photo makes me hungry for one.

Actually, the last risotto I made was with medium-perled barley -- it works much the same way as the Arborio and it lends a very interesting texture to the final dish. Cooking time was about 35-40 minutes using the old-fashioned method.

7:09 PM, October 04, 2006

Blogger wheresmymind said...

Hrm...never considered 'baked' risotto

8:24 AM, October 05, 2006


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