Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Too Much Information.....

Anna tagged me awhile ago for this and I figured its about time I do it.

This is a random 10 weird facts about yourself thingy.

1. I dont like hot drinks, in fact I must have my beverages super duper cold. I freeze my water, put ice in my milk and I wont drink a soda that hasnt been refridgerated.

2. I sleep with a black sleep mask. This all started when I was 19 and I was working graveyard shift at American Express. It was too light during the day so I bought a mask. After a year I got so used to it, that I had trouble sleeping with out it. It must be a psychological thing because even if the room is pitch black, I must have my "blinders".

3. I've been published in Glamour, People and a couple of newspapers. I love writing letters to the editors giving my opinions about topics.

4. My mother NEVER let me cook when I was growing up. It was her kitchen and it was off limits. You'd think I would have had no interest in cooking, but when someone tells me NO, I want to do it all the more.

5. Living in California all those years afforded me the opportunity to see a lot of celebrities. I actually could care less about then, but I'd ask for an autograph because I'd think they would be worth a lot of money when the celeb died. The last autograph I got was Melanie Griffith. She was in a pizza place with all her kids and I was the only other person there. I asked her for the autograph and she never said one word to me, just signed. Her oldest daughter said "thank you" to me.

6. I feel anxiety if my feet arent "done". If I am overdue for a pedicure, I wont show my feet.

7. I hardly ever wear Jeans. Maybe once a year.

8. I hardly ever run out of anything. I like to have a backstock, especially toilet paper, detergent, shampoo, soap, etc. This comes from childhood.

9. I couldnt stand law school. I hated the politics, the competition and most of the students. Graduating law school was one of the happiest days of my life.

10. I am a total sun worshiper. I have psoriasis( mild) so the sun is good for me. I am very, very happy on sunny days.

Im tagging Christine and Danielle


Blogger Cookie Madness said...

Randi, that Melanie Griffith story is weird. I guess she is rather jaded, having grown up in the limelight. I'm glad her little girl is polite.

Anyway. I loved reading your meme.

9:54 AM, January 24, 2006

Blogger Pille said...

Hi Randi, thanks for popping by at my blog and leaving a comment - much appreciated! Also, I will check out the food mystery books - thanks for the link!
No 8 made me smile - I'm exactly the same:)

9:27 AM, February 28, 2006


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