Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A light fish dish.........

white fish giada style, winter squash pasta  Posted by Picasa

I prepared this for my client and I knew she would like it. This is an Everyday Italian recipe. I was pleasantly surprised because what you cant see in the picture is the bed of sauteed radicchio and white beans. I normally hate raw radicchio, its just way too bitter, but I actually liked this. This is a very simple light dish, Giada uses tilapia but that was 11.49lb( ridiculous) and the sole was 9.49. I like sole better, although it is more delicate. Giada calls for a lemon parsely vinagarette on top, and that was really nice too.

I also made the winter squash pasta with pine nuts( CL) that I've seen in a few blogs. Robin normally hates squash, but she liked it. I used some whole wheat rotini too. We are back on Weight watchers and the one cup was somewhat filling( although I was dreaming about food last night).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be quite honest it looks like a Dogs Breakfast!!!

8:47 AM, November 14, 2007


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