Sunday, August 13, 2006

Postcards by Mail......

I''ve been a bad, bad foodblogger. I signed up for a postcard by mail thingie and I got the dates wrong. We had family stuff going on and then I went to Ann Arbor and I forgot to send the postcard. I also looked in our town and couldnt find anywhere that sold postcards. Robin and I went to a town-wide yard sale yesterday and we came across someone selling vintage postcards. We bought some and I picked one to send to my person in England. I'm going to mail it tomorrow when I go to Michigan.

The postcard is Loretto Abbey in Toronto. Loretto Abbey is a girls only catholic school( Kind of ironic that a Jewish lesbian is sending a postcard of an all girls catholic school). Anyway, I looked up the abbey today and it looks nothing like the postcard. I just wish I knew the date of the card.

Anyway, sorry I'm so late and it will go off in the mail tomorrow.


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