Thursday, December 08, 2005

Italian PotRoast

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My clients were out of town last week and their son was running their business. He wanted some food for Saturday night( last minute) and when I delivered it, he said that his parents would be really busy with work and would want meals all week. Well, of course said Murphy's law because this is a very busy week for me too. On Sunday I made an Agean Chicken dish that had roasted peppers, potatoes and feta cheese. Tuesday they got Asian Meatballs with peanut sauce, brown rice and the celery apple salad. Wednesday they ate leftovers and tonight they get this pot roast. I still have to think of a side dish. Anyway, as you know by now, I dont eat red meat so I rarely cook it except for clients or family. One of our towns three grocery stores is going out of business so they are having a 10% off sale. I went looking for a chuck roast, but of course in Canada the names of meats arent the same as in the US. I ended up asking the butcher what to use for a pot roast and he suggest this. It was a boneless short rib roast. It cost 3.59lb. I removed as much visible fat that I could and then I generously sprinkled salt and pepper over it. I browned it up on all sides then threw it in a crock pot with a can of italian tomatoes in puree, 2 onions, bay leaves, fresh thyme and rosemary( wintering over in the sunroom) some leftover frozen red wine, more salt and pepper and 2 little packets of red pepper flakes that I pilfered from the pizza place in MI. My clients love spicy. I cooked it on high for 5.5hrs and it smelled divine. I pulled out a potato and tasted it and it was a bit bland. I then made myself taste a sliver of the meat, but then I spit it out. ( I know this sounds so gross). It just tasted so beefy to me. LOL. I let it cool, then this morning I removed all the solidified fat and purred the sauce in the food processor. I sliced the meat up, removing even more fat( wont buy this cut again) and sprinkled some chopped italian parsley over the top. Hopefully, they will like it.


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