Thursday, December 01, 2005

BBM 3 Package arrived

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One of the perils of giving people my Michigan address is that I never know when I'll get there to pick stuff up. I felt so bad for my last swap partner who spent 20 bucks to ship my package to Canada that I gave my MI address this time. I thought I said no homeade goods just because I didnt know when I'd get there. Well, I guess I forgot to say that because Stephanie sent some homeade rice krispie treats. They were just a tad bit stale, but my dogs really loved them. I let them split one when I brought them home and Oliver sat staring at the container the rest of the night. He didnt only stare, he made that noise that dachsunds make when they want something.

This round of BBM was hosted by Cathy. As you can see from the picture, I got the food section for the Seattle newspaper, some yummy looking chocolate sauce and some apple pepper jelly along with the rice krispie treats. Steph also included a recipe for southern biscuits. We're having a big cookie exchange/dinner party next weekend and I'm going to bring that choc. sauce for the coffee. Yummy. Head on over to Templars blog to sign up for BBM4


Blogger stef said...

hi randi, thanks for posting a pic of the package. you did write that you didn't want anything homemade but it was part of the list of things to send. sorry about that. i hope you like the choc sauce and jelly.

3:32 PM, December 01, 2005


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