Monday, November 07, 2005

Turkey meatballs and apple pie cookie pizza

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apple pie cookie pizza Posted by Picasa

I made this on Friday because our neice was coming over. I get all my turkey products at Hayters Turkey in Dashwood, Ontario. When I lived in California, I used to love The Turkey Store products( now Jenny O) but Hayters beats them hands down. The turkey is so lean and flavorful. Last week the owner said she would give me caterer's pricing on bulk ground dark and light turkey. I have to repackage it myself but thats no big deal. I didnt have any clients this week, so I decided to make this labor intensive dish. First I made the sauce. I saute onions, garlic, carrot and celery in a large pot. Next, I add some dried italian seasoning, some salt and pepper. I threw in 3 large cans of san marzano tomatoes( bought at whole foods in ann arbor, MI) and some red wine. I added a few tbls of paste and simmered away. I also threw in a rind of reggiano I had in the freezer and a cube of porcini mushroom flavor( my secret ingredient). After a few hours, I puree this in the cuisinart and add the meatballs.

The meatballs are based on an old cooking light recipe. I've been making them for years. The meatballs have scallions, fresh parsely, carrot, zucchini, fresh bread crumbs, egg, garlic and the turkey. I use a combination of dark and light. I form into balls and bake them in the oven. I add them to the sauce after. I used buccatini this time and that was a mistake. The pasta was way too thick.

I threw together an apple pie cookie pizza using ( gasp) pillsbury sugar cookie dough, cream cheese, cooked appple slices and dulce de leche. Chelsea loved the pizza. It was good, but turned really soggy the next day.


Blogger Stephanie said...

I'm glad I read the whole post...based on the title, I thought it one funky pizza!

8:53 PM, November 07, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A pizza with sugar-cookie dough? Yes, please!

4:49 PM, November 11, 2005


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