Saturday, July 30, 2005

Looking Ahead.........

Smoked Gouda Mac n Cheese Posted by Picasa

Im so tired by the time I come home from work, that It's hard for me to think about dinner. I usually have to decide the night before or plan out the meals on the weekend. I promised myself we wouldnt start eating crappy food once I went back to work.

Today was a day of cooking. You'll see in the next 2 posts( I thought I figured out how to put all the pictures in one post, but I guess I forgot).

This morning I made smoked gouda mac n cheese from cooking light. I had some light smoked gouda I picked up at Trader Joe's when we were in MI two weekends ago.

It was your basic roux, but with reduced amounts of butter and skim milk. I added the shredded smoked gouda and 1 slice of provolone. The recipe called for parmesan, but I skipped it. After you make the sauce, you add 5 cups( sounds like a lot, but it isnt) chopped fresh spinach. Robin stired this all up for me, added the 4 cups of cooked macaroni and portioned it out in foil loaf pans. Before it goes in the oven, I'll make a breadcrumb topping. I think I'll serve this with some grilled fish.


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