Friday, July 29, 2005

Fresh pasta with pesto cream sauce, shrimp, scallops and broccoli Posted by Picasa

On Sunday night, Robin and I went to Fellini's in Stratford for dinner. We had been there before about a year ago and we thought the food was decent and the prices were fair. Hmmm, things have changed since last time.

I knew it wasnt a good sign, when they said it would be an extra dollar for whole wheat pasta. Also, I had ordered a diet coke, they brought it and it was flat. They took it back and gave me another one and told me they checked the tanks and it was fine. I had to send it back. I drink enough diet coke, that I know when it's flat. Finally, they agreed with me and gave me a can of soda that they charged me 2 bucks for.

I ordered whole wheat pasta with chicken and a pesto cream sauce. Robin got chicken parm. We shared a putrid salad for 8.95 and we got an order of flatbread. Flatbread my ass!! It was 3 small wedges of stale foccacia with a scrounging of melted cheese. All this for the exhorbitant sum of 6.95.

67 dollars later( no booze either) we came home and Robin said " i dont like going out to dinner with you, you kinda ruin it". I guess she's right. I know what it costs to cook good food, and I dont want to pay high prices for mediocre food.

I came home from work knowing we have fresh basil in the garden and shrimp and scallops in the freezer. I had told Robin to take some out( she worked at home today) and I set about making us dinner.

I whipped up a fast pesto. Olive oil, basil, pine nuts and parmesean reggiano, salt and pepper. I seared the shrimp and scallops and steamed a whole head of broccoli florets. I boiled some fresh fettucini, and the deglazed the scallop pan with some white wine. I added the pesto and some heavy cream( bought in the states for 1 dollar a pint). Ta da......

My own pasta with pesto cream sauce( shrimp and scallops and broccoli).

Sooooo good and it cost about $8.00 for the both of us.


Blogger Ana said...

That place is highway robbery! And your pasta and pesto sounds much better.

8:18 PM, July 29, 2005


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