Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More floor samples.....

I picked up a few more floor samples. I really like the one on the left of the first picture but I'm not sure if it will be too dark. Is there some kind of rule for this? Like, dark floor = light cabinet = dark countertop? ( Btw, do you see the ugly floors we have now?) I'm not sure of the granite either, I'm going to get a few more samples on Friday. The contractor who is doing the addition( and work in the kitchen, teardown, etc) said there was a problem with getting the plans. He's going to draw the plans himself and now I have to get the permit.( A contracter can't get a permit if he draws the plans). He wants to start late next week. This means we have to clear out our sunroom and find room for everything in it because it will soon be gone. I have much anxiety about this project, especially since we'll be in San Francisco while they're digging the foundation. Oy vey!!!



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