Monday, March 13, 2006

Thai fish sauce and lime chicken( CL)...

Another super easy recipe to make. I think this took about 20 min including the rice and veggies. I was perusing the Cooking Light 2006( really 2005 recipes) cookbook over the weekend and came across an entire section of recipes that use boneless skinless chicken breasts. They all have a pan sauce that comes together rather quickly.

For this particular recipe, breasts are pounded thin and then sauteed in a small amount of oil. The chicken is removed and 1 cup of chicken brother, 2 tsp of fish sauce and 3tbls of sweet chili sauce is added. This is reduced, then lime juice and peanut butter is added. Chopped peanuts provide the garnish. The only thing I changed was upping the peanut butter from 1tsp to 2 tbls. I also added some chopped cilantro. I served this was some jasmine rice and steamed snap peas and broccoli.

The reason I was looking thru the cookbook over the weekend was because Robin's employer has decided they want to start a community kitchen in one of the facilities that Robin manages. This facility has a small galley kitchen, but a large prep space. Robin and I decided to volunteer our time because we feel its a good cause. The function of this Community Kitchen is to reach out to disabled ( either mentally or physically) in the comunity and provide a space where they( along with their support workers) can cook together and take home heart healthy meals. The program received a grant from the county that deals with healthy hearts. I hope to start a blog for the program after the next meeting. Most of the community kitchens strive to provide budget friendly meals. Lots of beans, veggies and some ground beef. Robin and I will help cook those meals, and we'll probably take the meals for our neice, but we wont eat them. I'm hoping to introduce the group to different foods they probably wouldnt try on their own.

The next meeting is on Monday for menu planning and Wednesday for cooking. I can't wait to see Robin cooking away. I volunteered to take the only male member( so far) to the grocery store for all the shopping. Should be interesting.

I had a taste testing this morning with someone who wants a cupcake tree for a 40th bday party. I made a triple chocolate cupcake with an Italian buttercream and a chocolate ganache. She liked both frostings( which I was afraid of) but I wasnt happy with the buttercream. I really screwed it up( I cut it in half), I must post on egullet to find out what I did wrong. It broke today and looks really unappealing. I really shouldnt try out a new recipe on the morning of a meeting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When buttercream breaks it's because the butter is too cold. Keep beating it and it will eventually emulsify.

1:57 AM, March 14, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love reading this blog!! It's one of the first things I log onto in the mornings....

I know how you said Robin loves peanut mom makes a peanut butter dressing for fruit that's just peanut butter, pineapple juice and's wonderful!

7:08 AM, March 14, 2006

Blogger Sara said...

That community kitchen is a wonderful idea, I hope you guys have lots of fun helping out there.

9:14 AM, March 14, 2006

Blogger Patti said...

Hey Randi,
Here is the link to the hamburger buns

I really need to get the recipes on my blog better organized.
That chicken recipe looks great! I have all the CL recipes from 2005 in Mastercook, I will lokk this one up. Thanks for posting.

The community kitchen is a great idea.

5:04 AM, March 16, 2006

Blogger Farmgirl Susan said...

That chicken looks delish, and the community kitchen project sounds fantastic. Best of luck to you all with it! : )

8:47 AM, March 16, 2006


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