Saturday, July 02, 2005

When in Rome

I consider myself a true blue American citizen. However, I dont live in America anymore and you know what they say " When in Rome". Soooooooooo, yesterday was Canada day and we were invited to a BBQ. Wife and I decided to bring the ribs( on sale for 3.99lb) and the friends were providing the side dishes.

I bought 4 racks of meaty baby back ribs from a local market. The market is well-known for their quality meats, as they have their own abbatoir.

I used a dry-rub loosely based on the Cook's Illustrated recipe. Brown sugar, paprika, smoked paprika( my addition), garlic( my addition), cumin, red pepper, kosher salt, chili powder. I rubbed this all over the ribs on Thursday and then wrapped them in heavy duty foil.

I made a South Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce that I got from the BBQ rib thread at Cider vinegar, mustard, garlic, brown sugar, soy sauce, butter.

The ribs went into a 350F oven for 1hr and were then thrown on the grill for about 5 min per side. Wife sliced them all up and we served them with baked beans( my other contribution). Wonderful recipe that we made for our reception. Bush's beans, brown sugar, mustard, ketchup, bbq sauce, wostershire sauce, onion. Corn on the cob, baked spuds and pasta salad rounded out our sides.

Friend served a frosted angel food cake and I made an O Canada day cake.

When in Rome.........


Blogger OsloFoodie said...

Hi Randi,the ribs sound so delicous, the addition of smoked paprika and garlic was a great idea!

1:36 PM, July 05, 2005

Blogger Ana said...

Welcome to blogland. Those ribs sound just marvellous. Have to try them your way. And, true to Canadian ways, I hope you washed the whole thing down with a fresh Canadian beer heh?

1:29 PM, July 06, 2005


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