Tuesday, October 02, 2007


These are pictures of the appetizers I did for the wedding on Sept 22nd. Things have been crazy here with the addition and the kitchen renovation.

Next week( Tuesday) they're tearing down our old kitchen and we'll be without a kitchen for 2 weeks. If we were in a big city it wouldnt be a big deal. However, there is NO WHERE to eat out in our small town( unless you count McDonald's, KFC and Subway). I'm trying to cook a few things and freeze them, but I dont know how that will work if I dont have a place to wash the dishes or silverware.( I suppose I could use the bathroom).


Blogger Mulysa said...

wow. those look delicious. my son and i sometimes talk about opening up a bakery when he grows up. we'd feature recipies submitted by customers and whoever won the most votes would get a free cake! and kids could get free cookies on fri, sat & sun.

i've had to wash dishes in a tub. it's no fun. you ccan get a stand up sink (it's deep and wide) from home depot or lowe's for relatively cheap and install it in your garage, if you have one. that's what i ended up doing while i was remodeling a kitchen once.

good luck!

9:26 PM, October 03, 2007


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