Friday, July 08, 2005

My first client!!

Chicken tangine w/couscous

Coconut curry chicken w/glazed carrots

Chicken w/carmelized onions and sun dried tomatoes over polenta w/green beans& almonds Posted by Picasa

So yesterday I cooked for my first client. She ordered the 5 entree 2 serving plan with 2 side dishes. She chose Chicken tangine with apricots and dates, coconut curry chicken, carmelized onion and sun dried tomato braised chicken w/ polenta, texas beef chili with poblano's and beer and pork tenderloin with a port wine and dried cherry, onion and marmalade sauce( try saying that 3 times fast).

This client works for the same company Robin does, however she works in London. Normally, Id cook at the clients house, but since I know her, I cooked here. She was going to be in our town all day working with Robin so she could take the items home.

I cooked 3 items as Christine was coming over on Friday night to make the beef chili with me. I dont eat meat, so therefore, I cant test meat so Christine was generous enough to take on that task. She was my official taste tester and we split the cost of the chili.

I'll make my client a cornbread to go with her chili as well. I also need to make the pork dish. I'll do that tomorrow too. I'll be seeing her on Sunday so I can deliver the rest of her items.

I was happy with how everything worked out and I even cleaned as I went along. Robin was pleasantly surprised when she came home to a semi-tidy kitchen.


Blogger Ana said...

That looks wonderful Randi. Hope your client is happy.

8:15 PM, July 08, 2005


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