Sunday, March 29, 2009

Veracruz sauce for seafood.....

I returned home on Wednesday from 2 fun filled weeks in California. I lived in Cali for 15 years before moving to small town Ontario. I hadnt been back in 4 years and I didnt realize how much I missed Cali. I wasnt into cooking/baking as much as I am now when I lived in Long Beach ( I was a full time student/working) I didnt have time and I was only cooking for myself. I cooked a lot when I lived with my ex, but I wasnt that advanced and since my ex was a vegetarian, I made simple things. I really love this VeraCruz sauce recipe. My friend Mike introduced me to it a few years ago in Florida. The recipe can be found on Its meant to be served over whole fish, but I prefer to use fillets. For this meal, I used mahi mahi. I wanted red snapper but Gelson's didnt have any. My dad, sister and I paid a nice visit to the San Clemente Farmer's market where I bought some gorgeous baby veggies that I sauteed for a side dish. We also got some gorgeous strawberries. The produce was fabulous. Later in the week, I drove up to San Rafael and went to the Ferry Plaza Market in SF and the Marin Farmer's market in San Rafael. Both of them were beyond fabulous. It was absolutely killing me that I couldnt cook with all the wonderful products.

Back to the veracruz sauce. I used canned San Marzano tomatoes. The sauce also has white onion, garlic, fresh herbs, capers, white wine and olives. Its super easy to make and the leftovers freeze well. After the sauce is made, pour some into a baking dish and nestle the fish inside. Bake until the fish flakes. Even my sister who isnt really crazy about fish loved it.


Anonymous Louise said...

I linked to your blog from Cookie Madness. I've made Veracruz sauce for probably 30 years, but I've found that a good substitute is Goya Brand Pico de Gallo Salsa with a few olives thrown in. Poured over some fish fillets, it's a really easy week night meal.

9:28 AM, April 10, 2009


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