Wednesday, March 05, 2008

squirrel feet.......

Note to self: On a beautiful bright and sunny day, don't leave a pan of toblerone shortbread on the deck and expect to find them untouched!!

I've been enjoying Marcy Goldman's A Passion for Baking these last few weeks. I've made a number of recipes and I was totally looking forward to trying this one. Robin is having a catered party when I'm in Florida next week( oh, btw, I'm doing the catering). I baked half a batch of these one afternoon, but alas our furry little white squirrel friends had a taste so I had to dump them!!

I've been MIA these last few weeks because I started a new job in London. I'm working as a pastry chef for a caterer and its a lot of fun. I get to try lots of new recipes and its rewarding to see people ask for my baked goods. I'm totally exhausted when I get home and since I've started working there, I havent baked anything at home. I also came down with a nasty, nasty cold last Friday and its still hanging around. I'm flying out to Florida on Tuesday so I really hope the cold is over by then.


Blogger Sarah said...

Hi Randi,

What a shame about the shortbread!! I'm sure it would have been delicious.

All the best for your new job!

xox Sarah

6:49 AM, March 06, 2008

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3:07 PM, March 12, 2008

Blogger São Diniz said...

Hi Randi,

Just found this blog tonight, and what called my attention was the fact that said London, Ontario, that is where I live.
Good luck at you new job, and I hope you feel better soon, I am also fighting a cold + sinuses........grrrrr, but with all the snow.
I love cooking and bakind and am always looking at recipes.
Good Luck,
Sao Diniz

7:44 PM, March 12, 2008

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6:41 AM, March 22, 2008

Blogger Joy Bugaloo said...

Hey! What's going on here?? No new posts in, like, three weeks, and even the comments are mostly advertisements! What gives?

We miss you! --Gina

5:03 PM, March 22, 2008


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