Monday, May 07, 2007

Just for Emmy....

I promised Emmy that I'd post some of the "thrifty finds" we've bought recently. I feel somewhat guilty about it because the majority of what we buy, we end up reselling on ebay. I picked up the depression glass bowl thinking I'd keep it. A few days later we were at another sale and saw that the person had the same bowl with the flower frog in it. We didnt know it was for a flower frog. So, we got home and Robin dug out a flower frog and there ya have it. That bowl is currently up for sale on ebay. I do end up keeping all the clamp top jars I buy. I only buy ones that are made in Italy or France. I use them for spices, candy, specialty flour, etc. I paid 10 cents for the depression bowl and 10 cents for the clamp top jar. I also pad 10 cents for the juice jug. I havent decided if I'm going to keep that one.

We picked up the cheese buttons( made in Switzerland) and the little knives( bakelite, but missing one) at a church rummage sale. 50 cents each.

Robin found those vintage ice cream scoops yesterday. I think she paid 25 cents each. I'm selective about the cookbooks I buy because we really have limited room. I recently went thru my cookbooks and I'm donating a bunch of them to the Egullet Heartland Gathering in July.

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Blogger Emmy said...

Yay! It's always so much fun to see what other people buy at the sales. That's cool you resell a lot of your items on eBay. I sell on there from time to time. Love the knives with the bakelite handles. What a deal on the clamp top jars too. They can be so hard to come by in decent condition. And of course that is also a super buy on the depression glass bowl :) A few years ago, we went to an estate auction in Port Huron and I ended up with a bunch of depression glass. I had to bid on a large lot of kitchenware to get the Hazel Atlas striped mugs I wanted. I kept the HA mugs and donated the depression glass to a local charity auction. I also ended up with some vintage advertising mugs and kitchen gadgets/utensils which I resold. They don't seem to do a lot of estate auctions where we moved to now. It's such a bummer.

3:40 PM, May 07, 2007

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