Saturday, May 05, 2007

Coal fired wings( my own creation).....

Way back in March when we were in Florida, we ate at a restaurant called Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. Its a pretty busy place and pretty smart too. They only serve 1 salad, pizza and coal fired wings. They have 2 sandwiches too and thats it. Anyway, Robin had their famous coal fired wings. The link will take you back to a post I wrote in March. Anyway, Robin loved them and I wanted to try to replicate them. The grocery store in town had wings on sale for 99cents lb. I must really love Robin, because I absolutely hate dealing with chicken. I had to separate the wings into the 2 joints and remove the wing tips. After dealing with that and the resulting disenfection job I had to do on every single surface, I made a brine with kosher salt, sugar and water. I let the wings brine for 2hrs while I went and had my hair highlighted!! When I was ready to cook them, I preheated the grill( gas in this case) and used the fabulous product Pam for grilling. Nothing sticks!! I used some salt free chicken seasoning blend( by Mcormick) on the wings. I grilled both sides. While they were grilling, I squeezed the juice of 1 lemon along with some Evoo, fresh pepper and more seasoning mix in a bowl. When the wings were ready, I tossed them in this mixture. Robin absolutely loved them and she said they were better than the wings she had in Florida. I have another package of wings in the freezer( I couldnt deal with cutting them up so I just chucked the entire package in the freezer) so I guess I'll be making these again in the near future.

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